Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Go Off the Eaten Path

Taking your honey out to a fabulous and extravagant dinner is a treasured February ritual and one I heartily endorse. But you don’t have to spend the big bucks to show your Valentine some love. When it comes to where to go or what to have for that special drink or meal I think the crazy, quirky, unexpected gesture is utterly romantic. Here are ten ideas for how to say you care.

-50’s style date, updated: One Vanilla Bean Apple Pie Bacon (yes-all that stuff really is in there) milkshake with bourbon at B Spot, two straws.

-Elegant interlude: Afternoon tea British style in the Lobby Lounge at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

-For adventurous types: Sunday Dim Sum downtown at Li Wah

-Sweet excess: Chocolate fondue for two at the Velvet Tango Room

-Raw passion: the Sushi Bridge for two at Pacific East on Coventry

-Express Yourself with Espresso: the Lover’s Latte (white chocolate, cinnamon, steamed half-n-half) and the I Love You version (chocolate and raspberry syrup, steamed half-n-half) at Lucky’s Cafe

-Cook Together (but let somebody else wash the dishes): grill your own dinner at Seoul Hot Pot (3709 Payne Avenue, Cleveland)

-Say it in French (because it always sounds better): Sunday Brunch at Le Petit Triangle Cafe

-Happiness for homebodies: a take out Cajun feast from Battiste and Dupree (1992 Warrensville Center Road, South Euclid). Just add candles.

-Boxed Magic: Love Potion Number 91/2- heart shaped chocolates made with dried strawberries kissed with balsamic vinegar from Lily’s in Tremont

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Gina said...

I hadn't even thought of having Dim Sum for Valentine's. Excellent suggestion!