Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Iggy, Stooges lead 2009 class into Rock Hall

"Rock Hall silver-anniversary ceremonies lacking in 'sizzle,'" reads the blasé Plain Dealer headline this morning. And yeah, OK, plenty of no-shows diluted last night's inductions, from Peter Gabriel (for Genesis) to two Hollies to half of ABBA.

But how can you write the headline "lacking in sizzle" next to a photo of a shirtless Iggy Pop, after he and the Stooges tore through "Search and Destroy" and "I Wanna Be Your Dog"?

I refer you instead to the New York Times coverage, which includes this choice collision of the Grey Lady's style and Iggy's punk spirit:

Behind him, Mr. Pop, 62, was already unbuttoning his white dress shirt, getting ready to jump, drop to his knees, strut and twist across the stage and down into the black-tie audience.

Yes, that's Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day singing with Iggy in the photo.
Here's a link to an Artisan News Service video about Iggy's induction on YouTube, with a test pattern blocking out Iggy's hands as he flipped off the crowd in triumph.

(Photo from rockhall.com)

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