Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This One's a Gem

Jeff Jarrett’s a chef at North End in Hudson. He and his wife Tammy, who’s a nurse, are in the process of adopting a second baby girl from China. The first child they added to their family two years ago, which already included three boys, is visually impaired.

The new 13 month old they want to bring here was born without eyes and abandoned by her birth parents at four weeks. The likelihood of her ever leaving the orphanage for a real home was slim to zero until the Jarretts learned of her situation. They’ve named her Jewel and they’re doing everything they can to bring her here. They have big hearts but it will take deep pockets to make it happen.

They need $20,000-25,000 and to raise some of that they’ve organized a fundraiser, Cooking for Jewel. It will be held on Monday, March 22 at The Cleveland Sight Center from 5:30 PM to 9 PM. Once again, our astonishingly generous community of chefs responded to a call from one of their own and has stepped up to lend a hand. The evening’s food will come courtesy of a long list of talented locals. As of this writing it includes:

Matt Baber– Naya Bistro and Lounge: Highland Heights
Dante Boccuzzi– Dante: Tremont
Lanny Chin– Naya Bistro and Lounge: Highland Heights
Mark Cleland– North End: Hudson
Zack Conover– The Leopard: Aurora
Ellis Cooley– Amp150 : Marriott Cleveland Hopkins
Brian Doyle-World's Fare Culinary/Danny's Organic Marketplace
William Fugitt-Private Chef: Columbus
Aaron Guzik– L’Albatros: Cleveland
Heather Haviland-Lucky's Cafe/Vine and Bean:Cleveland
Jeremy Lisy-KJ Greens
Matt Mathlage– Light Bistro: Ohio City
Matt Mytro– Stove Monkeys: Cleveland
Mike Nowak- Bar Cento: Ohio City
Stacey Stoudemire- Simply Elegant Catering
Wendy Thompson– A Cookie and a Cupcake: Tremont
Ky-Wai Wong– Lucky’s Café: Tremont
Eric Wells- Skye LaRae Culinary Services

There will also be a silent auction with chances to bid on great stuff, including an original framed photo by my husband Barney Taxel and a collection of books from Gray and Company Publishers, including a copy of the latest edition of my book Cleveland Ethnic Eats.

Tickets are only $25 per person and I’ve already bought mine. Make reservations online or call 330-353-4991 (the Jarrett’s home). If ever there was a good cause folks, this is it. And contributing is not only easy, it will be fun. Purchase a ticket, have some terrific food, and give one little girl a family and a future.

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Joe Harvey said...

I'm sure Jeff and his family are very grateful for this post! Nicely done... I'll be there!