Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Movie Meals

Downeast, showing at the Cleveland International Film Festival, documents Antonio
Bussone's efforts to open a processing factory in rural Maine. (Photo by Meghan Brosnan)

It's an annual tradition.

The moment it's released I go through the Cleveland International Film Festival (April 3-14) program guide to to see what fascinating cinematic experiences await me. The selection is rich and varied. But since I have a special interest in all things edible and the people who are connected to the world that produces them,  I always look for the food-related movies and make a special effort to organize my life so that I can see them. As I often do, I'm sharing that list with those who follow my weekly posts.

Here's my list for the upcoming two weeks.

Canned Dreams
April 5 and 8
A visual study of the places and the lives that go into making a can of ravioli.

April 8 and 9
What happens in town when the fish cannery closes and one man tries to create something new and entrenched interests thwart him at every step.

More than Honey
Germany, Austria, Switzerland
April 13 and 14
A deep exploration of the important question: Where are the honey bees and why does it matter?

April 7, 8, 9
Indie comedy involving a deli and smoked fish.

Survival Prayer
USA, Canada
April 8, 10, 11
A documentary about the Haida people of British Columbia, their endangered way of life and the wild food foraging culture that sustains them.

While feeding the mind is admirable and important, not to say profoundly satisfying, the belly demands attention too. One suggestion for a quick bite on-site that won't cut into much of your movie watching time, or your wallet, is  the Godfather burger, served with pepperoncini aioli, provolone cheese and grilled soppressata ($12), from the Lobby Court Bar at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel. Order a Great Lakes Brewing Co. saeasonal draft and the twosome will cost you $16. Or try a cocktail crafted for the festival: The Lights! Camera! Action! martini is made with Cleveland Whiskey, black walnut bitters and Luxardo Maraschino liqueur ($6).

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