Friday, March 6, 2009

Looking for a fish fry tonight?

We have put together, quite possibly, Northeast Ohio's most comprehensive fish fry database here. Use it to find the perfect fish fry for you.

You, our readers, have the ability to comment on any individual fish fry to let readers know if it's worth checking out. We also plotted all those fries on a map, so you can find one in your neighborhood. And if we missed a good Cleveland area fry, let us know by clicking here and we'll add it to our list.

In our March issue, we gave our picks for the best baker's dozen of fish fries in the region with write ups that will make you salivate. So go eat and come back to tell us how it was. You can also read about one of Cleveland's first (and best) fries.


Nancy Heller said...

Umm - where's the database? The link brings up an http 404 error.

Andy Netzel said...

Sorry about that! I think I have the link working properly now. If not, go directly to

Term Papers said...

Fry it why did you waiting ...but is Sounds yummy.

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elinor said...

Database not working again (still?)

Good idea. Wish I could utilize it!!