Tuesday, September 2, 2008

20 Wins? We Told You So ...

Who could have predicted Cliff Lee's amazing 20-win season? Us!

Check out this ditty, which was made before the season started:
Cliff Lee becomes the team’s first 20-game winner since Gaylord Perry in 1974. Bet you thought I’d say C.C. Sabathia here, right? Sure, it’d be just as pretty if it were C.C. who broke the drought, but Lee has a nasty repertoire and none of C.C.’s training issues.
OK, so it was from our April 2006 issue, but that's still before the season started. We were just a little ahead of our time. As for this season's prognostications? We're hoping they'll come true in 2009.

Oh yeah, mark it down, the Browns will go 6-10 this year (which was the prediction I made well before they went 0-4 in the preseason).

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