Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tremont traffic gripe

This morning in my e-mail inbox, I got this report from the Tremont West Development Corp.:
As many of you are aware, the W. 14th Street entrance ramp to I-90 eastbound was closed to traffic in late May 2008 after Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) inspectors noted abnormal movement in the connection between the ramp and the I-90 Innerbelt Bridge.

The Department expects an updated, 3-Dimensional inspection report in mid-September which will help the agency to better understand the problems between the ramp connection and the Innerbelt Bridge as a whole and determine a solution to the problem. The ramp will remain closed indefinitely as this high-tech inspection report is reviewed, evaluated and possible repair or replacement methods are conceptualized.
OK, I have dealt with city/county/state governments for a long time. I know how long this junk takes. But four months to get a report? Then who knows how long to draft a plan, secure funding, get permits, and so on and son on? When you live in Tremont and have friends on the east side off the bus route, this ranks pretty high on the pain-in-the-ass list.

And one more note: Their suggested detour is ridiculous.
Motorists may detour west via Abbey Ave., on to W. 20th Street north, east over the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge, north on E. 18th St. and east on Prospect Ave. to I-90 eastbound.
Any Tremonter knows to hop on 490 to 77 North to 90 East. Wind through downtown? Come on.

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