Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Braylon Edwards Part 1 (on Fantasy Football)

Who is at the top of Browns Wide Receiver Braylon Edwards' fantasy football wish list this year? Braylon Edwards.

Last year one of his buddies drafted Fantasy Braylon before Real Braylon had the chance. He couldn't stand it. He offered some big names for fantasy him.

"After week two, I traded Marvin Harrison and Stephen Jackson for me. It worked out," he said Tuesday night, at a news media event sponsored by Yahoo! last night at Lakewood's Harry Buffalo.

Rams Running Back Stephen Jackson was the consensus second overall pick last year in Fantasy drafts — and fantasy football has become a bigger deal every year. Some 11 million people are playing fantasy football this year.

Braylon, however, is considered a borderline first-round draft pick in most fantasy talk online.

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