Friday, October 2, 2009

Brady Quinn spotted at Common show

Common, the rapper/actor who hails from Chicago, put on a great performance at the House of Blues Thursday night, albeit for a high price tag. (Who's got $43 bucks to drop on a weeknight show?) But the rapper is worth it in my opinion and reminds me what's good about true hip-hop. And by that I mean hip-hop that isn't in the played-out radio rotation.

The most memorable part of the night was when Common dropped Brady Quinn's name in his freestyle bit as he pointed to where the Cleveland Brown's now-benched starting quarterback was seated in the upper level. Guess Brady Quinn and I have something in Common. Ooh, bad pun, I know.

Check out my sighting of Quinn below.


Anonymous said...

what you didn't mention was that he dissed brady in his freestyle!

rakeback said...

I thought Quinn was going to turn into a really good quarterback in the league, but so far its not looking good for him.

brandon knight said...

Brady's play this season was inconsistent, but he finally showed some signs of the potential that made him a 1st round draft pick. I dont think its fair to call him a busy yet, so I think they will give him another shot.