Friday, April 9, 2010

The Infomercial King Comes to the Q

Admit it: the Snuggie phenomenon rocked your world for the whole five-minute infomercial. Besides, what’s cooler than a wearable blanket with sleeves? 

But it doesn’t hold a flame to the inventions A.J. “The Infomercial King” Khubani has been selling to the masses. The founder and CEO of TeleBrands “As Seen On TV” products is the man behind useful solutions such as PedEgg, Windshield Wonder and Crazy Critters and he’s always up to hear more great ideas that might make life a little easier. 

He’ll be at Quicken Loans Arena for Lake Erie Monsters Fan Appreciation Night this Saturday to field ideas from fans and future inventors. It’s the Monsters last home appearance of the season, so get your tickets, bring yourself and your very best pitch. Who knows? Your invention could even be the next ShamWow! 

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