Saturday, April 17, 2010

LeBron vs. Kobe finals, D.C. writer predicts

Michael Wilbon doesn't have to deal with Cleveland fans' native pessimism, like Terry Pluto does. The Washington Post columnist can call it like he sees it. So today, as the NBA playoffs begin, he makes this prediction: LeBron vs. Kobe in the finals.

He writes:

If the Cavaliers are as motivated to win as they claim to be, they'll take out the Chicago Bulls (tougher than nails but not talented enough yet) in no more than four games, then Miami (which will upset the Celtics) in five, and get ready to visit revenge on Orlando.

Wilbon predicts the Cavs will take Orlando in five(!), with Shaq and Antwan Jamison as deciding factors. He even seems to slightly favor LeBron & Co. over L.A.:

[The Lakers will] try to defend their championship against a Cleveland team that's no better in terms of talent, but deeper and fresher and -- in the case of LeBron James -- hellishly determined to take his place for the first time, but not the last, in the winner's circle.

Clevelanders will believe it when they see it, right? No one wants to get burned by believing too soon. So the town will stay cool and cautious and notably unexcited until the Cavs take a third-round lead. But it's good to see that an unbiased eye thinks it's OK for us to get excited now.

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