Monday, August 23, 2010

3 Reasons to Party at the Rock Hall Ball Sept. 3

It's been 15 years since the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum opened its doors at the end of East Ninth Street. And like any teenager looking to blow off a little steam, the museum is throwing a huge party to celebrate on Sept. 3. The evening's dress is rock-inspired attire, and costumes are welcome (so pull those Kurt Cobain cardigans and Thriller jackets out of mothballs, kids). But if you're the sort who likes to leave costumes for Halloween, don't sweat it. There are really no right or wrong answers here. (The Rock Hall also sent out some inspiration for rock-influenced attire via its Twitter feed earlier today.)

Of course, the litmus test of a good party is the music, and over the years, the Rock Hall has had a knack for hosting musicians just before they rocket to mainstream stardom. Remember when you saw John Mayer play there? No? Sorry about that. Well, certainly you were there for Alicia Keys, right? You had never heard of her, so you skipped that one? Hmm. Well, don't make that mistake this time.

Which brings us to reason No. 1 ... Eli "Paperboy" Reed

"... a soul singer who conquered both street corners and punk clubs with a mix of grooved-out rave ups and slow-burning ballads." — Rolling Stone

Reason No. 2 ... Foxy Shazam

"Foxy Shazam are a totally insane band from Cincinnati, famous for their on-stage antics (plenty of acrobatics, extended horn solos, the occasional eating of cigarettes) and the manic machinations of frontman/fashion plate Eric Sean Nally, who is every bit as crazy as his pencil-thin mustache and page boy haircut dictates." —

Reason No. 3 ... DJ Tommie Sunshine

"Tommie Sunshine is one of those artists that fit into a multitude of categories: producer, DJ, remixer, songwriter. Yet despite his long list of talents, he is best known for and most talented at creating dance remixes of popular songs." —

Tickets can be purchased here and come in Vinyl ($15) and Platinum ($65) levels. Tell them we sent you by using the AMVIP code and get $5 off a Platinum-level ticket (enter the code in the "special offers" box after selecting how many ticket you would like). We'll see you there.

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