Friday, August 27, 2010

Falling Hard for Capes

Every fashion season I find something new to incorporate into my wardrobe. By new I mean a style or article of clothing that I have never really worn before. This summer, shorts became my "something new". Of course I have worn shorts before but never really as a fashion statement. This was odd and definitely new because I have some what of a love/hate relationship with shorts but this year I went for the love. I wore them often with everything from tanks and sandals to sequin tops and sky high heels. Shorts for the first time became my "go to" piece for day or night.

This fall I am going mad for capes and plan on wearing them from the first brisk fall day well into the frosty winter months. Capes are basically coats with armholes instead of sleeves and are perfect for providing just enough warmth on a chilly fall afternoon or as a layering piece to wear over chunky sweaters, blazers, and with elbow length gloves. Borrowed from the fashion era's of the 1960s & 1970s, capes are a chic alternative to the basic coat. Two of my favorite fall cape looks are: 1) worn with black skinny jeans, an over sized chunky sweater, opera length leather gloves, and laced up leather booties and 2) worn with a mini skirt the same length as the cape, dark opaque tights, and chunky heeled booties. Both looks are super hot and I can't wait to sport them this fall. What new fall trend do you plan to incorporate into your wardrobe?

Fashionably yours,


Anonymous said...

I LOVE CAPES! The work great to "camoflauge" areas that some of us don't want to show which making a fashion statement at the same time! Great usual.
Thanks for the wonderful fall fashion advice.

Michelle Latham said...

My mother used to have a beautiful wool cape. Now you gonna have me looking for a nice cape along with those cute Ugg boots from your last blog!