Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bump to Bows: A Crafty Mom's Destination

Becki Silverstein and Sarah Pozek
Sarah Pozek and Becki Silverstein are bringing handmade children’s goods to Cleveland one onesie at a time. Bump to Bows, a Mommy Boutique Show, is popping up throughout Northeast Ohio. Pozek and Silverstein, the creators of the traveling baby boutique, wanted to bring artisan children’s goods together after struggling to find unique gifts for their nieces and nephews. “We wanted something that was personalized,” says Pozek. “Sometimes when you order from Etsy or online, you can’t get your hands on it and really get a good visual of what it would look like. It brings the essence of Etsy into your home.” Combining Pozek’s past in event planning with Silverstein’s background as founder of the Avant-Garde Art & Craft Shows, the duo hatched the idea for Bump to Bows, which will feature products such as fashionable cloth diapers by Sew Snappy and toddler aprons by Radish Balloon. Catch the boutique at the Strongsville Ehrnfelt Recreation Center June 27 and 28, where some of the event proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Hunger Alliance. We chat with Pozek about getting bumped into the boutique world.

Q: What kinds of reactions did you get at the first Bump to Bows show?

A: One of the families that came, she has two daughters under the age of 2, and she walked out with just bags hanging off of her stroller. One of them [had] this teething ring, and she wouldn’t put it down. It was so cute.

Q: You donate a portion of your proceeds to children's charities including the Children’s Hunger Alliance and Alex’s Lemonade Stand for Childhood Cancer. Why did you decide to partner with charities?
A: Becki and I both just believe in giving back and actually, at my day job, I work for the American Heart Association. So we’re two believers in nonprofits, and especially in children’s charities in particular. So we wanted to be able to do that, every little bit helps.

Q: What are some of the most unique products sold at the show?
A: One of the most interesting ones we have is we have somebody [Meet Your Miracle Ultrasound] who comes in and actually will do on-site 3-D ultrasounds, and then they actually take the recording of the baby’s heartbeat and put it in a stuffed animal. So I think that’s really cool. We also have Pink Newborn Services, and they do sleep training and things like that. 

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