Thursday, June 11, 2015

NBA Finals: Game 4

We've recruited ESPN the Mag contributing writer and Crooked River Burning author Mark Winegardner to help us cover the 2015 NBA Finals — maybe our best chance in 51 years for that elusive title. But he's not #AllinCLE. Not yet anyway.
After a 96-91 win over the Golden State Warriors in which Matthew Dellavedova had to be taken from the arena on a stretcher after severe cramping, the Cavs have taken a 2-1 lead in the NBA Finals. Tonight, it's a pivotal Game 4 at The Q. 

Jason Brill, associate editor: Some Tribe game today. Heard you were there. 
Mark Winegardner: Markum looked stellar! Urshela smoked his first HR! Yet something tells me those aren't going to be the two most exciting Cleveland sports moments today. 
MW: All game long there were random burst of "Let's Go, Cavs!" chants. Walking around downtown now. The same is true here. Hardly anyone in the casino not wearing Cavs gear.
JB: At lunch, it was pretty active around  Playhouse Square. It feels like a delivery on the excitement of last July when LeBron announced he was coming back.
MW: Did that excitement ever really wane? Maybe when they were 19-20, I guess.
JB: Maybe the delivery of all that promise. Not going to speak for the city, but I knew they were better than 19-20.
MW: Has any team ever won a championship starting only one guy from its opening lineup?
JB: And that one opening day starter happens to be the best player in the world? Probably not.
JB: And I think Steve would say we're venturing into jinx territory.
MW: And he'd be right!
MW: Warriors gotta be thinking, How the hell are we losing to these guys? Which is probably good for the Cavs.

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