Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cavs Fan Guide: Get Courtside Chic with These Stylish Solutions

Live in Love Cleveland Cavaliers white/navy long sleeve tomboy shirt ($98)
Peace Love Cleveland Cavaliers navy/white short sleeve tomboy top  ($88)
Standard basketball fan gear — oversized jerseys and unisex T-shirts — is clearly a boys' game. But if you'd like to look more stylish while cheering on the Cavs, check out Miami-based luxury lifestyle brand Peace Love World. Designer Alina Villasante created fashionable gear for Cleveland fans. Since receiving a license from the NBA to design for all 30 teams, celebrities such as the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres have been flocking to Villasante for the hottest team apparel. We chat with Villasante about how to be the best-dressed fan.

Q: What is the inspiration behind your courtside chic styles? 
A: The fashionable female should be able to be chic and comfortable while supporting her team. The NBA is understandably focused on expanding its women apparel options, and we're very proud to be a partner of that. When I go to a game, I wear a fashionable shirt with a flash of team representation with a great pair of jeans, some amazing shoes and a purse. You really come in kind of with a statement and not just dressed with the jersey representing the team.

Q: Why you would say it's so important for women to have their own line of NBA apparel?
 A: The NBA fan base, according to, is 38% women. We want to feel very feminine because sports fans are not just men anymore — it's women too, and we don't want to go in a jersey or plain T-shirt. The sports industry is really, really starting to become a lot about women.

Q: Can you describe how to be the best-dressed fan?
A: I always say that a woman should be confident, comfortable and elegant wherever she goes. So your shirt should be probably that part of the elegance. So you put it on, it's flowy, it's fashionable and when you walk, it kind of follows you. With some great jeans — they can have holes in them, I think that's really fashionable and beautiful — add some great shoes and a bag. It's like your everyday wear with a touch of your team.

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