Tuesday, June 9, 2015

NBA Finals: Game 3


We've recruited ESPN the Mag contributing writer and Crooked River Burning author Mark Winegardner to help us cover the 2015 NBA Finals — maybe our best chance in 51 years for that elusive title. But he's not #AllinCLE. Not yet anyway. 
After a 95-93 overtime victory in Game 2 — the greatest victory in team history — everything had changed. LeBron couldn't wait to see and hear the fans at home for Game 3. Winegardner flew in from Florida to cover the games in The Q.

Mark Winegardner:  Can't overestimate the vibe down here. You tear up merely soaking it in.
Jason Brill, associate editor: A third NBA Finals game would have that kind of effect. Especially tied 1-1. Feels so different than '07.
MW: Found metaphor = the arena has been remodeled since then, as has the team, as has the city.
JB: As has LeBron. Less than 20 minutes to the tip.
MW: So afraid to feel anything at all.
MW: What's fun here is to just to ride the energy. Which is kind of hard to explain. But, increasingly, it's making my heart beat faster. #nohyperbole
JB: That kind of shared energy can do very real things. Do you think that translates into real home court advantage.
MW: Yes.

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