Friday, August 29, 2008

The big reveal

We've revealed the identities of our first two subjects in the new First Impressions blog.

We asked people to submit a photo. We posted it and asked our readers to give their first impressions, make up a back story and tell us about that person. It goes along with our September story, which you can read by clicking here.

To give you a preview, here is one of our subjects:

And here are a few of the comments our readers made:

"He's married with a kid and kind of a douche bag, but a good dad. clinging desperately to his hair. He is an elitist and makes bad drinks at over rated bars. Listens to Arctic Monkeys and Steve Aoki. None of the real messengers accept him thus he is forced between west 6th and the garage."

"I agree; definitely unmarried. He's got a live-in girlfriend, though, but his mom doesn't like her. I don't think he works in a casual environment, though; these are his "off-duty" clothes, loud because he's making up for lost time at the office. He's confident, maybe even comes off cocky (at least to women), but that's because he was a nerd in high school and is "cool" now--that kind of fits with the younger crowd theory! He'd be entertaining to hang out with, but as far as meaningful dialogue...maybe we wouldn't be great friends."

Join in the fun over at Upload your own picture. And tell your friends.

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