Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Dad's view of the Jonas Brothers concert

Yes, I went to the Jonas Brothers concert last night at Blossom. (Embarrassingly enough, this is only the third concert I've ever attended. The other two were Donnie Iris & the Cruisers back in high school, and Live maybe 10 years ago. Let's just say, I'm not musically inclined.)

Surprisingly, it was a good time, maybe because my girls (8 and 6) had so much fun. They're not Jonas obsessed like most of the crowd (they're a little more in the Naked Brothers Band demographic), but knew most of the words and screamed with the best of 'em. The collective squeal when the JoBros hit the stage was enough to raise the boy-band dead (guess that's how New Kids on the Block will play The Q on Oct. 3).

Here are some of my favorite observations from the concert:
  • The mom wearing a T-shirt that read: "It's my 40th birthday, and I'm here with my daughter."
  • The dad who bought a huge nonalcoholic blended drink and then went to the bar to order a few shots of rum to pour into it. "I'm not quite sure how to charge you," said the girl behind the bar. "Honestly, I don't care what you charge me," he responded. Then he added: "I'll have a beer, too."
  • The dad in line for beer wearing large ear plugs. (Man, I should have thought of that!)
  • A dad nearby who screamed, "I love you, Nick" after his daughter yelled the same thing about five straight times.
  • A small group of moms gathered at the very back of Blossom, behind the beer pavillion, reading magazines, doing counted cross-stitch and generally avoiding the chaos.
  • Apparently 12-year-old girls love Ohio State too. Several text messages of O-H drew an I-O and squeals for mentions of the Buckeyes.
  • The preteen girls with their homemade T-shirts that read: "Tack me backstage." Sorry, but if you can't spell it, you have no business being backstage. Actually, you have no business being backstage anyway.
JoBros rule. <3
(Or something like that.)

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