Friday, August 22, 2008

Hanna Theater: 10 Days and Counting

Fences block off the sidewalk on East 14th, spilling over onto the street; a sign that the renovation of the Hanna Theater isn't just about making the inside look like 15 million bucks (see our previous post). The Hanna marquee was painted this week a vibrant purple and yellow, adding new life to a drab street of parking lots and garages. New lights are to go up on the marquee in the coming days too.

Tom Einhouse, VP of the PlayhouseSquare, says this is just the first step in renovating East 14 Street. Future plans according to Einhouse include widening the sidewalks (more space for the Hanna Deli patio) and adding brickwork as an extension of the Euclid Corridor project. I envision another East Fourth Street close to home!

And those fences I mentioned are scheduled to come down in just 10 days, when the Great Lakes Theater Festival is to take over the space. An electrician on his lunch break outside assures me that it will be done on time.

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