Friday, August 29, 2008

Overheard in Southern Ohio

A report from the road by an out-of-state friend driving to Cleveland:

The fry cook says to the manager, "He picked a woman."

The manager responds: "Do I want a woman as a vice president or a black man as president? I think I want a black man."

"Not to mention I don't want McCain."

"Not to mention she was mayor of a small town a few years ago."

"Not to mention I don't want four more years of Bush."

Then the cashier turns to the lone customer and says "Not to mention, I forgot to give you your 63 cents change."

This is at a McDonalds in Warren County.

My friend's conclusion: Ohio really is a swing state. (By the way, check out this month's feature on the election to see how we might do as a swing state.)

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