Thursday, August 21, 2008

What can you tell about someone from a picture?

In September's issue, I wrote a story called "First Impressions," which involved a kind of experiment. Here's how it worked: We went out and took a bunch of pictures of folks in downtown Cleveland, and we asked people to give us their first impression of those in the pictures. Their answers often said as much -- or more -- about them, than about the person photographed. We then used some of the respondents photographs as the next picture held to scrutiny. You can see the story here.

Well, we've now launched a new blog to let YOU comment about people's photos. We started out with this guy:

He gave comments about our editor, Steve Gleydura. Click HERE to comment on him.

And we're giving you one more way to participate as well. You can upload your own picture by clicking HERE, and our online readers will post their impressions of you, just based on the picture. Have fun. Be honest. Tell your friends.

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