Thursday, August 7, 2008

Grasshoppers selling well at Momocho

When we hit Ohio City's Momocho recently, we already knew about the grasshopper taquitos that had been added to the menu. What we didn't expect is for our server to tell us they were sold out of them for the evening, when we showed up for our 8:30 reservation.

No worries. We weren't going to try the grasshoppers anyway. But it's interesting that many brave diners have been ordering up chef Eric Williams' quirky new dish. Our server told us the wings and legs are removed from the grasshoppers and they pretty much take on the flavors of the ingredients with which they're prepared. Other facts: They are crunchy (no surprise there, really), and they are imported from Thailand.

But we had to ask our server the big question: Has she tried them? Yes. Apparently, Williams had our server taste his newest creation before telling her what she was munching on.

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