Friday, February 20, 2009

Because you're drinking beer anyway ...

It's not everyday that a big box of beer shows up at the office (oh, how we wish it did). When it does, we pounce, divide the stuff up and give it a critique because, as you all know, we love beer in this city.

So, when Samuel Adams sent us a bunch of its newest Imperial Series (translation: high quality brew), we followed suit. Week 1: the new Samuel Adams Imperial White ($9.99/four pack). Here's the marketing-speak on it: "Imperial White pushes out the boundaries of the witbier style. While showcasing the traditional witbier aromas and hazy appearance ... " Ah, enough of that already, you really just want to know what a bunch of mild-mannered editors think about this stuff, don't you?

Managing Editor Jim Vickers: Samuel Adams gets serious with this batch. Weighty, but not heavy-tasting beer that stands up as a true premium. Sam's brewmaster series has failed to grab me in the past, but this one is great. Could it make me leave my go-to beer favorites (Great Lakes Brewing Co. and Dogfish). Doubtful, but let me take another sip and ponder that.

Associate Editor Andy Netzel: Considering the 9 percent alcohol content, this beer could not go down smoother. Citrus undertones. Solid brew. Drink this beer out of a glass so the yeast sediment gets distributed properly.

Associate Editor Special Projects Kim Schneider: I’m an avid Hoegaarden drinker, so Sam Adams’ Imperial White is right up my alley. It hits the same notes as Hoegaarden with coriander and orange but goes a step further with a total of 10 spices for a stronger finish. While it has tons of flavor, packs more punch, its more of a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of beer rather than my go-to drink.

Senior Editor Special Projects Jennifer Bowen: The first sips I drink of Sam Adams Imperial White make me think of it as a summer beverage, the sips that follow change my mind. It has a slight orange undertone, but the spices are what carry the taste. It’s warming. I’d rather order this at the corner pub than a vodka-soda or plain-Jane Miller Lite.

Next Week: Samuel Adams Imperial Stout

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