Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Branding "a nameless space into a nameable place"

In design school, there was always a group of hardcore designers that believed that good design could save the world. I am not as philosophical as my classmates, but as an art director, I am encouraged that design is playing an important role in bringing people to Cleveland.

Just 5 miles east of downtown a logo has given a circle a name. University Circle Inc. rebranded itself early last year. This new look gave the dozens of institutions and museums a face people could recognize and be proud of.

Print Magazine talked with UCI's in-house designer Bryan Evans and Epstein Design partner John Okal in this month's February issue. Evans says, "We're imprinting the idea of a place on the physical landscape."

This idea is evident by the numberous banners and signs that line every street of the Circle. Even their logo expresses this idea. The stripes in the logo represent culture, education and health care. Okal tells Print that "the logo reflects its (UCI's) vibrancy."

COMING UP > The University Circle Calendar of Events will be included in the April issue of Cleveland Magazine for all the things to do and see in the Circle this spring.

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