Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Breaking the Lenten fast

I spent a lot of my day trying not to mention how hungry I was. All I had for dinner on Fat Tuesdsay was a tiny salad, not thinking ahead to the day of fasting ahead.

And to talk about how hungry you are during a fast is sinful.

But now that it's over, for the purposes of giving you a good idea on how to break your fast, I figure it's probably OK.

Cleveland's Tick Tock Tavern, best known for its tasty ribs, has a great fish fry. A whitefish fried with Japanese Panko, a breadcrumb concoction, provides a crunchy bite into perfectly flaky fish. The fries are a tad undercooked for my tastes (not that it matters when you're famished). The coleslaw was devoured within minutes. All this for $6.95. Oh, and it's all you can eat.

In March's issue, you'll see a guide to the best fish fries in Cleveland. (Tick Tock Tavern didn't make the cut). But Cleveland is so packed with great fish fries, there are so many great ones that didn't — evidenced clearly by the motion blur of my fork.

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kojojojo said...

it looks delicious