Thursday, February 19, 2009

Singles Update Part 2: Tim Richards' V-Day

Tim Richards: Well, I went to Bistro 185 on the East Side for Valentine's Day dinner. I had to put some of the food on layaway because I couldn't afford it all with my radio salary. LOL. Great dinner, but she texted her friends the whole time (not cool). Ladies and gentlemen, this is why Tim Richards is single. 

For more on what some of our other Sexy Singles did this past V-Day, check out our post below.


MG said...
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MG said...

Ouch mate.

Ok, a friend of mine (literally a friend, I'm not this clever) found himself in the same situation wioth the over-texting date so this is what he did: pulled out his mobile and texted a number he knew wouldn't accept text- a pizza shop in Kent he used to order from in college- and within seconds his phone got a reply message saying it couldnt deliver a text to that number, etc. He then replied to that message which thus sent another "cant deliver" message back to his phone. He then sent a message to that, and so on such that to the outsider, it looked like he had this juicy conversation going, especially since he added some grins, small laughs, etc.

I guess after a minute of this she didnt necessarily say "Oh well I've been kinda rude huh?" or annoyed enough to leave, but instead got really jealous/competitive/what have you and put her phone away and even paid attention somewhat aggressively. After that he was the main event of the evening.

I thought it was an awesome story. I honestly HOPE to get a chance to test it out myself at some point.