Friday, February 13, 2009

Brokaw at the Clinic

Some musings from Tom Brokaw who spoke to Cleveland Clinic employees after work yesterday.

"We're in a crisis and we ought not waste the opportunities that will come our way because of it."

"I think it's time for us collectively to raise our hands and re-enlist as citizens again."

(Close paraphrase) One-hundred years from now, when historians look back at our time, they won't be talking about whether Barack Obama had the answers or whether Republicans had the ideas. They'll look on our actions. That's how we'll be judged.

"We have allowed two classes of citizenry to form. One in civilian clothing and one in uniform. It's antithetical for a great nation to have that happen."

Place was packed — one of the few cases when you're sitting in a seat wanting one of the (now former) talking heads not to stop talking.

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