Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feel miserable?

At some point, I'm going to have to stop reading Forbes Magazine's lists.

They have an inherent anti-Cleveland bias. Sure, they did name us as one of their most wired cities, but they usually trash us. Like when they named us one of America's fastest dying cities. Or one with the worst bang for the buck. Or one of America's most stressful cities.

Even the time we were ranked eighth on most miserable sports cities bothers me. I have no gripe that we're on this list — I've had my heart broken my whole life waiting for a championship. I'm bothered by the fact we're not ranked higher! 8th?! No way Denver ranks higher than us. Just look at two of our most miserable moments: The Drive and The Fumble. Our misery is their success.

Well, now we're labeled one of America's most miserable cities.

Their labeling us miserable is making me more grouchy than any of the negative facets of Cleveland they note as evidence.

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