Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Singles Update: How We Spent V-Day

They laid it all out for us in the February issue: their bad habits, perfect date, No. 1 dating rules and more. Did it score any of them a date on Feb. 14? We checked in with some of our Sexy Singles to see if they were lucky in love or still celebrating singlehood. Here's what they had to say about the big day. 

Michael Goulis: I'd rank my V-Day as an 8, but only because I had such a busy week. I was worn out from filming scenes for an independent film I'm working on during the day on Saturday, etc. But, I did end up at the Michael vs. Prince party at the B-Side and it was a hot one! I was simultaneously invited to go by a young lady who emailed me specifically from the article and one of my best guy friends/group of guy friends as we hang out there a bit anyway. That being said, I got to chit chat with a pretty young lady and hang out with my friends so it was the best of both worlds ... definitely a good time. Oh, the young lady and I will most likely be going out or something again this week ... we're into a lot of the same stuff.  

Angie Stetzy: I had a very enjoyable Valentine's Day weekend. Not only did I share a seafood dinner this Valentine's Day with my son on Saturday, but on Sunday, I shared good conversation over wine with a someone I met through the magazine. The gentleman that I met turned out to be someone I had gone to junior high school with and never knew it!

Melissa Mack: I had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I went to my 5-year-old niece's All-Star Cheerleading Competition near Pittsburgh, Pa. I also competed in our Parent's Hip-Hop Dance Team. My niece's Tiny All-Star Cheerleading Squad and Hip-Hop Dance Team won first place. We (the Parent's Hip-Hop Dance Team) had no competition so we automatically took first place. Then, I ended Valentine's Day by treating my family to a wonderful dinner at Hickory Grille in Hermitage, Pa. Rating: 10 (I try to live every day to its fullest!)

Ciarra Nelson: My Valentine's Day was wonderful! I spent it with family during the day and the night with friends. I went on a date on Sunday. The single life is great but I am dating a new guy! Hopefully I will be inviting you all to my wedding next year! Thanks for everything!

Nicole Burke: This year, Valentine's Day could have been the worst to date. On Feb. 11, I was laid off! Boo, I know. However, I was lucky to have recently met someone who asked me (sexy single and unemployed) to be his Valentine and took me out for a great night. Although we had plans to go to Dave & Buster's so I could "school" him in basketball, so did everyone else in Cleveland and it was packed. So we ended up at Carraba's. It was a night of good conversation and a memorable evening with a a great guy. I give it a 10!


Anonymous said...

I was at B-Side too! Mike I think I saw you there hanging out with a guy in some local band i've seen? Are you in that band too? Either way, you clean up nice!

MG said...

Hey anonymous (i guess that's what I'll have to call you at this juncture)-

You should have stopped by and said hello! I don't bite!, err, only bite on request (and that involves legal releases that need to be notorized generally during the work week so planning ahead is needed anyway). Yes I was hanging out with guys from Posh Army who play out a lot, especially at Grog Shop just above B-Side if you're in that barrio much.

I am NOT in the band but do play drums decently and have played in several bands just not recently, which I kind of regret but am busy doing other things equally as cool.

The singer Nick and I met from being in a locally filmed mockumentary/guerilla improv film that should (fingers crossed) be released soon and premier at the Cedar Lee and go into a bunch of film festivals and will be called Impaled: Painfully Blunt.

Anyway, thanks for the compliment, I do clean up decently and regularly- the photo used in the mag was a last minute idea from a female friend of mine who now lives in LA and in LA-transplant tradition texted me "screw it! show some skin!" the day of the photo shoot. I half regret it?

See you around.



p.s. yeah this is totally shemless self promotion of my film and friend's band and yes I know this but I'm just counter-acting the fact that I'm quite shy abut being labeled "sexy" by anyone.

Anonymous said...

I was with my boyfriend, so that would have caused trouble.

MG said...

buahahahaha that's hilarious...typical.

Why do I kinda feel like this is one of my friends messing with me though?