Wednesday, February 4, 2009


We're big fans of ESPN the Magazine. And I always look of the annual Fan Issue, which is devoted to the sports nut in all of us, including the pro athlete.

This issue gives us even more to cheer about, though.

First, there's Chris Broussard's exploration of our paranoid psyche about LeBron bolting for New York in 2010. "They might as well board up the Q like a crack house if LeBron leaves," says Kenny Stevens, owner of Today's Cut & Style. "Won't nobody be going down there no more." (There's extra video and a short behind-the-scenes piece that's worth a look.)

As if to tease the NY faithful and feed our insecurities, LeBron took his run at Kobe (at right), who set the Madison Square Garden scoring record with 61 points this week, by putting up 52 points in the Cavs win.

Then, there's a great feature by Lane Strauss (a Cleveland Magazine contributor). He spent a year digging into the world of sports-video collectors, who are crazy about old game telecasts. Here's an excerpt: "My wife says I care more about my DVDs than my kids, which is a load of crap," says Rambler, a collector on the East Coast. "I might spend more time with the DVDs, but I do care more about the kids." (The story is so good, you have to be an "Insider" — pay — to read it.)

And finally, you'll have to pick up The Mag to see Clevelander Billy Delfs's photographs of Waddy, Ky., fourth graders debating the Louisville-UK rivalry. (Or you can check out this month's cover photo of Fox 8's Melissa Mack on our Sexy Singles issue.)

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